The City of Cordova, Alaska is a quaint fishing town, nestled at the base of Mt. Eyak in the heart of spectacular wilderness, and home to the famous Copper River King and Red Salmon.  Cordova is a happy place to live with all the amenities of a big city, yet undiscovered by tourists.
Picturesque Main Street Cordova Businesses in Cordova:   hotels, restaurants, library, florist, museums, plumbing, laundry, liquor, office supply, groceries, books, lumber, welding, electronics, boat supply, fabrics, banks, pet supply, health food, liquor, hardware, excavate, crafts. Lake Eyak view from Alpine Properties View - Alpine Properties Lake Eyak is a 2400 acre fresh water natural salmon spawning lake lying just two miles east of downtown Cordova.  Its 19 miles of coast line and calm waters reflect the clouds and mountains ranging to 3500'.
Cordova's Ice Free Harbor with Fishing Boats Services Available: doctor, attorney, clinic, hospital, vet, cable, DSL, chiropractor, accountant, telephone, cell telephones, shipping. Schools in Cordova are wonderful, and win national Blue Ribbon awards. Alpine Properties along Copper River Highway Alpine Properties behind float planes
Cordova's Ice Free Harbor has plenty of slips available for any size boat.  A launch ramp, cranes and a boat lift are available. Orca Inlet is the gateway to Prince William Sound's calm fishing and boating waters. The Coast Guard has a ship and helicopter based in Cordova. Fast ferry "Chenega" The Fast Ferry Chenega is a 30 mph modern catamaran ferry holding 35 vehicles and 250 passengers. It is a great trip to take your family and put your vehicle on the ferry between Cordova and Whittier.  From Whittier, it is a one hour drive north to Anchorage. Alpine Properties Parcels  Three acre home sites are located on the mountain shown on the right in the photo above between mile 3-4 along the state road, Copper River Highway. All lots look north at Lake Eyak providing beautiful views of the lake and the mountains. Float Plane Dock Alpine Properties shown in the background above is located a short walk across the Copper River Highway from the float plane tie up area.  You can fly in to Cordova, land on Lake Eyak with floats, and walk across the highway to your new home.
One of two launch ramps Cordova-many amenities include three rifle/pistol shooting ranges with skeet and trap, an Olympic sized indoor pool, a gym with weight room, and Skater's Cabin for those ice skating on Eyak Lake. Sighting in a new rifle
Cordova's Marine Travelift Cordova's marine travelift is available to hoist large boats to and from the water. It is operated by the harbor master for a nominal fee so boat owners can do maintenance on their boats. Kayaking is fun! Cordova's Olympic Indoor Pool
View of Scout Lake, Eyak Lake, Cordova, Orca Inlet Remote Lake Fishing is wonderful! Many activities are enjoyed by all. Fly to remote fresh water lakes for trout, Kayak around Prince William Sound, or drive to Child's glacier to picnic, watch the glacier calving, and view the Million Dollar Bridge. Child's Glacier is magnificent!
The Chugach Forest surrounds Alpine Properties which means the area surrounding Alpine Properties will stay wilderness and never be developed. The Forest Service is building a hiking trail with cabin from Alpine Properties Phase 4 to Scout Lake, which is located directly above.  This view shows Scout Lake, Eyak Lake, and beyond to Cordova and Orca Inlet. Forest service trails offer a chance to collect mushrooms and wild berries which grow in profusion. Power Creek Forest Service Cabin The Chugach National Forest maintains many hiking trails and cross country ski trails in the area. Many trails have small cabins located on fresh water lakes which can be rented for a nominal amount. Skiing and snowboarding are very popular in Cordova. Cordova has a chair lift and rope tow on Mt. Eyak.  Heli-skiers come to Cordova for fun and training every winter because of the wonderful snow conditions.   Mt. Eyak Chair Ski Lift in Action

The Mt. Eyak chair ski lift. Seth Wescott, USA Olympic Gold winner - snowboarding- in both 2006 and 2010 trains each winter in Cordova.

Cross Country skiing is also very popular.  The Forest Service maintains many beautiful cross country ski trails in the Cordova area. Some use the trails for snowshoeing in winter.

The greatest skiing ever in Cordova! Heli-skiing is active in winter with Points North Heli-adventures. Others walk up the mountain several times a day for the view and to ski down. The view shows the town of Cordova, its harbor, Orca Inlet, and the wonderful snow available for skiing the local mountains.
 Angel Wing Mushrooms are delicious!

Angel Wing mushrooms are easy to identify, delicious, and a great delicacy.

One beautiful cross country ski trail. Beautiful scenery on the cross country ski trail. A beautiful Quilt by Cordovans Quilting, knitting, and art workshops are enjoyed by many.  Two proud quilters show off their beautiful quilt.

Hiking is easy and popular.  Berry picking while hiking is loved - blue berries, salmon berries, cranberries, strawberries, currents, and many others are sweet and prolific in the woods.

Beautiful scenery ice skating at Sheridan Glacier.  Very interesting shapes formed in the ice from the glacier give the skaters fun areas to ice skate. In summer, hiking the trails in the area of the glacier is fun. One of Sheridan Glacier's unusual ice sculptures Family fun skating at Sheridan Glacier
Salmon berries - smiliar to red raspberries

A happy berry picker eating his fill of salmon berries!

Alaska Airlines 737-400 Jet

Alaska's 737-400 jet.

Travel to Cordova  Alaska Airlines' 737-400 jet comes in twice daily all year round to Cordova, and connects you to Seattle, Anchorage, Juneau and beyond.  ERA a commuter airline operated by Alaska Airlines also serves Cordova and Anchorage. It is 8 miles from Alpine Properties to the airport. Cordova's Coast Guard rescue ship. The Sycamore Coast Guard Rescue Ship
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