Contact us for Alpine Properties Parcels Alpine Properties has 40 view lots, each overlooking Eyak Lake and the surrounding mountains. Since each parcel is strategically located on the mountain, private lots with spectacular views abound.
Cordova across the slough

Cordova and its boat harbor are at the base of Mt. Eyak which has a chair ski lift to a world class ski run. Cordova's ice free harbor provides access to Prince William Sound for commercial and sport fishing, hunting and fun in the sun.

View across Eyak Lake

Alpine Properties' 40 lots are located in old growth forest on the mountain over looking Lake Eyak.  Each 3-acre lot has a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding mountains yet remains secluded bordered by the Chugach Forest.

Driveways and house pads are laid out for each parcel.  Water, electricity, telephone, cable TV, and high speed internet are in the roads and stubbed out to each parcel.  To the right is the driveway to parcel 3 showing the view to Lake Eyak. Driveway to Lot #3 with Eyak Lake in background

Alpine Properties parcels all have beautiful different views of Lake Eyak and the mountains, depending upon the elevation of the parcel.  To the right is the view of Lake Eyak and Mt. Eyak from parcel number 3, the lowest elevation lot.

Eyak Lake from Lot #3
Driveway to Lot #9 All roads have been designed to be no more than 15% grade and with undulating character, both for beauty and to slow water flow during rains. The curving design allows rain water to run off through the natural vegetation which filters away any sediment flowing to Lake Eyak. Fifteen percent grade also makes the roads less slippery during winter.  The roads are maintained by the city and kept plowed when it snows.  One of many water falls

The Chugach Forest surrounds Alpine Properties which means the adjoining property will never be developed and will remain old growth forest.  Skiers and hikers greatly enjoy the mountain and the natural forest.  The Chugach National Forest Service is building a hiking trail from Phase 4 through the forest up to Scout Lake which is very picturesque, and will have a rest area with a overnight cabin.

Hospital with Mt. Eyak in background

The float plane dock is just across the road, shown in the center of the photo on the right. One can land on Lake Eyak on floats in summer, or skis in winter, and walk across the street to your home.

Sea Plane Dock area on Eyak Lake Fly in during the winter

Alpine Properties is located east of Cordova between the 3 and 4 mile markers along the Copper River Highway, a state highway.  That means that while you are secluded in dense wooded wilderness with your home, you are only 3 miles away from the city and its amenities.  Every type of store you may need including a hospital, shown above, and airport are all readily available. Blue Ribbon Award schools are excellent and close by.

Water fall during rain Alpine Properties lots have beautiful meadows; some have streams, others have gorgeous waterfalls and pools created by the streams. All have beautiful views to Lake Eyak and the mountains. Some have additional views of the  at the rear of the property. Alpine Properties Green Certificates awarded for sensitive environmental development recognize the work that preserved the waterfalls, streams, and meadows. Big water fall
View of Eyak Lake from Lot #13

Beautiful views are available from each lot with the home sites laid out so that while it affords a beautiful view, it is still secluded from adjacent homes.  Sit on your deck, sip your tea in complete privacy. Left is the parcel 13 view.

Driveway to Lot # 2 during winter

Winter snows are light, and temperatures are normally mild. Average winter temperature is 21-39 F., in summer 44-61F. Typically, abundant sunshine follows abundant precipitation making a flowering, berry producing paradise.

A typical view that each parcel enjoys is shown on the right.  Summer brings many birds and every parcel in the mountainous terrain bursts alive with many varieties of wild berries, and wild flowers in Alpine Properties.

View from Lot # 7 View from Lot # 8 View of "Queen's Chair" across Eyak Lake
View Lot #4 Custom Home

Left - Custom home - Lot 4 A new 3-bedroom home with a view of Lake Eyak and Eyak Mountain will be finished this summer on lot 4, and is available. If you are interested in having a home built for you, click on the photo left or link below for more information.

Sunset over Orca Inlet

Cordova's Alpine Properties parcels are wonderful any time of the day and any day of the year. Parcels vary in elevation from 100' to 450' above Lake Eyak.  Prices range from $120,000 to $210,000.  Contact us for more information.

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